About Us


Never start a business just to ‘make money’.
Start a business to make a difference.
- Maurie Forle -

Since its incorporation in 1997, Abadi Ilmu Sdn Bhd formerly known as Alpha Sigma Communications, is a ‘small publishing’ house, providing production services of printed materials – concept design, layout, editorial and proofreading, translation services to all government departments agencies, public and private institutions of higher learning.

The demand for supplying corporate gifts, promotional souvenir from both the government and private sectors have encouraged the company to include this business activity till the present day. The ‘small company’ have stayed through the years adjusting to the needs of the business environment and growing demands of customers at large. Fine tuning further the business activities for the future, the company had established additional services of copywriting and translation works, digital online production services for corporate clients and the public sectors.